Wealthy Rebuilders

COMMUNITY ~ Feel like the Walls of your Dreams have crumbled around you after a major life event or struggling for years?  Feel supported in our Wealthy Rebuilders Community.   Strategically overcome difficult financial times through healing your identity with Money and Rebuilding your overall Wealth.... Together


Wealth Shifting Masterclass

MONEY MINDSET~ Feeling Alone, Full of Worry, Pain, Overwhelm, our mindset 

needs to recharge, renew, and revitalize. Join our 4 Week Masterclass to feel supported as you learn to stand on a firm financial foundation ready to shift your life from Worry to Wealth. With experts, tools & more  Join us to rebuild not only financially but emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually in your overall Wealth.


Steps to Faith guided Finances

FAITH ~ Tired of being on a Financial Rollercoaster trying to manage your money & increase your Wealth? Through Community & Classes start implement Money plans that are guided through God biblical principles . Overcome a Poverty Mindset and Learn together how God already gave us a guide to multiply.


Money Classes & Courses

Ready to start taking Steps to Rebuild after Starting Over?  Sometimes it can be very overwhelming.  As I traveled from coast to coast the last 3 years, the most common requests I would received was for Money Mindset & Financial Tools made easy.  Click on the STORE above to look into the growing Library of Courses & Supportive Classes along with signing up for a Text List for Weekly Inspiration.

Supportive Community

Tired of Feeling Isolated & Alone? Ready to have someone Cheer you on who understands what it feels like to Start Over? Whether you are just starting to Rebuild or Ready to feel surrounded by a Network enriching your new growth every month, we would have two levels of Community waiting to support you.

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